Marco Bacoli was born in 1990 in Pesaro Urbino where he lives and works.
He began his studies in the Animation Cinema department of the State Art Institute of Urbino. He graduated in 2009.

That same year he enrolled at the Fine Arts Academy of Urbino, in the Painting department.

In 2014 he took a degree and he continued his studies in the advanced program of specialization in Painting of the same Accademy. He took a advanced degree in 2016.

In 2016 he parteciped to the "FuoriUso" contemporary art show in Pescara Italy, curated by Giaconto Di Pietrantonio and Simone Ciglia.



My work starts from a photographic matrix which I use to keep contact with reality.
I set up real photographic sets that are essential for the realization of my paintings. I use the medium of oil painting as if it were a filter, that I apply to the technical and objective reality of photography.
Through this mental filter that only painting can show, I intend to make visible an inner reality that goes through the human being during his daily life.                                                                                          

In my works, especially in the most recent, individuals with ambiguous identities appear, frozen in an indefinite instant of time. They appear occupied in actions apparently irrelevant.                               

I am interested in a condition of ambiguity and absence of clear personality of the protagonists of these possible living spaces. Each spectator can potentially identify himself on it.                      

It is as if the absence of definition of these individuals actually shows an intimate condition of isolation and lack of communication with the outside world.
My aim is to establish an intimate dialogue between the spectator and this other reality.